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Andres Ornelas

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Artwork, for me, is more than just a hobby, it's a passion

What I do

Oil on Canvas

I use both acrylic and oil paint, though oil is preferred.

Digital Art

I create digital artwork using my iPad Pro, with an Apple Pencil on the application Procreate.
All artwork is original.


I draw as well, opting for pencil, charcoal, or pen on artist-grade paper.

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Featured Project

my mission

to express my inspiration through authentic, artistic, and
multi-medium execution



a symphony of the soul, a canvas where emotions dance and ideas flourish, transcending the ordinary into realms of boundless imagination.

oil on canvas

digital artwork

graphite / pencil on paper

Copy of IMG_1696.heic
Graphic Design

Graphic Design

the harmonious fusion of creativity and communication, where ideas take flight in a world of visuals

mental health awareness project

segio ramos poster

graphite/pencil on paper

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Sergio ramos poster - HP.png
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the art of storytelling, painting narratives that captivate, inspire, and invite others to join in a shared journey


little umbrella marketing

modern cooperage

my services

website design

brand identity

UX optimization

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My Store

make my work your own . purchase available products ranging from canvas prints to Gilcée prints of my artwork

canvas prints

paper prints

let's collaborate

do you need a project unique to your situation or business? reach out and let’s work together to build something beautiful.

click below to learn more about the services that I offer

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