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About Me

Art has been a passion of mine since I was very young. I have failed, succeeded and learned. It has been an amazing form of expression, and has been an opportunity to grow and better myself.

I aim to share these forms of expression with you. I truly hope my art conveys meaning to you or strikes emotion. I pour a part of myself into each piece. With each and every purchase of my work there is a deep appreciation from me to you, for the support that you show me. I hope that my art, in return, can brighten up your living room wall or studio, or be a perfect gift for a loved one.

Thank you for helping me grow.

- andres

My Core Values


I depend on ambition to dream, persistence to run, and creativity to lead


Some things I'm proud of


no art classes taken


artpieces created


my vision, my art

organic design

all designs by me

Being able to combine both my interest in business and my passion for art has been an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. 

I have been able to mix a combination of creative and financial elements into my personal, grand project that is my art business; Andres Ornelas Artistry. It is what gives me the capability to stay busy when bored and creative when uninspired.

I am so lucky. I see this venture as not only a challenge, but as an experience. And I plan to live every second and aspect of it.

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combining business + passion

Untitled_Artwork 11.jpg

"Scarface" 2021, oil on canvas

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