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Graphic Design

I aim to expand my skillset beyond the canvas or paper. I aim to tell a story through editing software and creativity.

Visual Cover 3.png

Minority Mental Health Awareness Campaign

I helped lead a campaign that aimed to raise awareness about mental health during July, Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.

In it, I designed the visual aspect of the content within graphics that were distributed and promoted throughout a Fortune 100 company. 

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Sergio Ramos Poster Design.png

Sergio Ramos Poster Design

I am an avid supporter of football. 

So naturally, I designed a poster of one of my football idols that is displayed with pride in my own room.


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Untitled_Artwork 18.png

Tame Impala Poster Design

With Tame Impala being one of my favorite musical artists, it made perfect sense to design my own personal poster of him.

This also is displayed in my room.


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Untitled_Artwork 18.png

Genesis Poster Design

I have always been interested in Biblical stories. The inspiration for this design spawned from the Genesis story.


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