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Commissioned Artwork
Paper Prints

Your request, our creation.







Commissioned work is usually priced between $250-600

Price is determined during the order placement process.

Learn more here:

What am I buying?

I offer commission services, which is where you request the creation of a specific art piece. The artwork is a collaboration between your ideas or requests and my ability to bring it to life.


Custom paper prints is simply that artwork that you commissioned, printed onto artist-grade paper. It consist of our collaborated project imprinted on European, 100% cotton and acid-free paper. The artwork is whatever you want it to be, however you want it to be. 

Paper prints look stunning and professional when framed, at any size. The available sizes correspond to popular frame sizes, but if you decide you want a specific size for a specific frame, please be sure to include those details in the ordering process.

Untitled_Artwork 5.tiff
Untitled_Artwork 5.tiff

To order a commissioned art piece, click here:

Please note that some requested artwork may not be feasible, however you will be made aware before any payment is made. *

The Process

What's the process?

Initial Order

Creation Process


Use the contact button at the bottom of this page to request a commission. 

After we decide on the artwork, you pay a 30% of the price upfront.

I get to work. Most paper prints are drawn digitally on the iPad.

I send you an initial picture  preview of how it has come out, and we have 3 revisions to perfect it from the first draft.

At this point, the remaining 70% of the order is paid, and then I place an order for the print.

Expect the printing process for paper prints to take anywhere between

2-3 weeks.

Once the print comes in, it is wrapped and packaged for protection against dust and shipping risks. The rest of the order price is payed. If the artwork is being shipped, the shipping fee is added to the price. 


Your print then arrives or is picked up and is ready to brighten up your wall.

Contact to Order a
Commissioned Artwork, Paper Print

Please provide these details so that we can get in touch, and so that I can have an idea of what you have in mind!

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Me

Thank you for your support and trust.

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