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What is Project Philanthropy?
It's answering the question:

"How can one use talent for the better?"

I want to be able to look back on my artwork and know that there was true purpose and positive change that came from it.

Through Project 
Philanthropy, I plan to generate money through the sale of my artwork for charities, nonprofits, and causes that I believe will help better our communities. I plan to create several series of art pieces that relate to a partnering nonprofit's cause. Portions of my profits are given directly to these organizations, or used to purchase assets that directly help their charitable missions.
Original Pieces
Art Prints
65% of the profit made from the sale of an Original Piece, and 30% of the profit made from the sale of an Art Print goes directly to the partnering nonprofit or charity.
To help communities through  artwork.  

In supporting this project  you are not only celebrating art, but participating in philanthropy as well.


Total amount raised across all projects
You can help raise this number and donate either:


how the change is being made


Financial Literacy

partnered with Working For Wealth

Millions of people across the U.S. are uneducated in financial literacy. This leads to poor financial decisions which contributes to a stagnant poverty rate.

By providing financial education to those who may not have access, we will see a positive change for the disadvantaged. 

Donating Diretly
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