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Original, hand-painted acrylic paintings on canvas.





$ 350

$ 400

What am I buying?

My commissioned artwork comes with 3 options: paper, canvas, and acrylic on canvas.

Commissioned acrylic paintings consist of our collaborated project painted by Andres Ornelas on primed, gallery wrapped cotton canvas with acrylic paint.


This is the most valuable product available for purchase. Paintings are what define the skill level of an artist and are a direct reflection of their hard work and dedication to the craft. An original acrylic painting is one-of-a-kind and will not be available to anybody but you. 

Exemplify your appreciation of art through ordering a commissioned art piece.

What's the process?

Initial Order

Creation Process


You specify the direction that you want the custom piece to go in; what would you like it to consist of? Is it a gift for somebody? Of somebody? 

After we decide on a project, part of the total amount is paid as the initial order fee. The rest is payed upon completion of project.

I get to work. Painting and completion time varies.

I send you an initial picture of how it has come out and, if given the green light, the painting is prepped for delivery.

No good artwork was ever rushed. Expect the painting process for acrylic paintings to take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

Once the painting is finished and given the 'okay', it is wrapped and packaged for protection against dust and shipping risks. The rest of the order price is payed. If the artwork is being shipped, the shipping fee is added to the price. 


Your artwork then arrives or is picked up and is ready to brighten up your wall (and is set become the talking point of conversation)! 

Thank you for your support and trust.

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